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Vice President Joe Biden on Monday called for the LGBT community to "tone it down" in the wake of a series of devastating mass shootings in the United States. "There's a strain within the LGBT community that says, 'Why do you have to assimilate into the larger society? Why can't you just be happy being different?'" Biden said at a meeting with LGBT leaders. "If that's all you're worried about, then God bless you. But that's not the civil rights issue of our time. That's not the issue of our time." Biden went on to implore the LGBT community to recognize its "responsibility to have an impact on society at large." "You can't demand tolerance of others, and then walk away from the table," Biden said. "There's no more effective way to show your values than to walk the walk." Earlier this month, 26 people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a gay club in Orlando, Fla., after murdering 49 people at a gay nightclub in Pulse, a Miami suburb. In June, an LGBT nightclub in Wurzberg, Germany was firebombed after a Nazi sympathizer ran into the building and killed a dozen people. The National Rifle Association has come under fire for standing in the way of legislation that would require universal background checks on gun purchases, and some LGBT activists have taken issue with the group's efforts to oppose transgender civil rights and marriage equality. In June, the Human Rights Campaign issued a statement calling on the NRA to "abandon the positions of the fringe and become a true defender of the LGBT community." Biden on Monday said that the White House has not been overly concerned with the LGBT community's support for the NRA. "At the beginning of this administration, and especially in the aftermath of the Orlando massacre, we didn't even think about it," Biden said, referring to the June mass shooting that killed 12 people. "Our focus was on more important things: the Iranian hostage crisis, the global diplomatic crisis that was taking place in the Middle East." In July, however, the White



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Acrobat Pro DC BASE CRACK UPDATE 2019.008.20071 OCT 2018 Crack

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